MostBet jackpot – you can win a big win even with a bet worth a couple of dollars

Do you think it is impossible to hit a big jackpot by playing ordinary slot machines and betting a dollar at most? Maybe that’s true for regular casinos. But it sure isn’t at MostBet. This online casino is not only for leisure, but also for those who are ready to believe in their dreams. Even a 20-50 cents bet can hit a jackpot of several thousand dollars. How does it work, how is it possible? More on that below…

MostBet jackpot – when the fairy tale comes true

The online casino on the MostBet website was not a feature at all at first. Initially, it served as a way to keep bettors entertained during the off-season, when there were little to none major sporting events. The section gradually developed. Now the casino section is up there with the sports betting one in terms of popularity. In fact, it is the online that is responsible for attracting new users to

MostBet Jackpots happen every hour, don’t miss your chance to compete for the big prize
MostBet Jackpots happen every hour, don’t miss your chance to compete for the big prize

MostBet online casino has more than 3000 slot machines, among which there are good old “monkeys” and “strawberries” as well as brand new bestsellers with three-dimensional animation, volumetric sound effects and a twisted plot. There are games like Gonzo Quest and Incredible Tesla Machine. Also the casino includes more than 200 table-top games, about 100 rooms with live dealers, a lottery section and bets on virtual sports.

But in addition to such a variety of games, MostBet online casino attracts many gamblers with lucrative promotions and a cool loyalty program. Deposit bonus, cashback, holiday tournaments and the main surprise – the jackpot, which is given away every hour.

How much can you win and how can you become a participant?

The jackpot is a permanent promotion from MostBet. All registered users, regardless of country of residence or the account’s currency. The jackpot is given away every hour 24 times a day. Players who within the last hour made at least one bet in slot machines, as well as in the sections Live-Casino, Virtual Sports, Live games (lotteries, craps, backgammon, mahjong and other games, non-traditional for European casinos) automatically become eligible to participate.

5 minutes before the giveaway, the jackpot grew to almost $3,300, and this is in the morning hours
5 minutes before the giveaway, the jackpot grew to almost $3,300, and this is in the morning hours

There are no minimum bet requirements, even a 10-cent bet is good enough. You can compete for the jackpot right after registering. The more you play, the higher your chances of winning.

The size of the jackpot depends on the activity of the players. But there is a minimum amount – the equivalent of 100,000 rubles (about $1,330). There is no maximum limit, during the most active hours the Jackpot size exceeds 10,000 USD.

Most of the registered users are from Eastern Europe and Central Asia (time zones UTC +2 to +5). Therefore, when it is evening in these regions, gamblers are most active and the prizes are the biggest, but the chances are lower. When these regions are fast asleep or just waking up, the Jackpot is only about $2,000-3,000, but your chances of actually winning are a hundred times higher.

Additional conditions

There are no additional turnover conditions for the jackpot at MostBet online casino. Should you win, the money is credited to your main account and can be withdrawn. Each player can participate as many times as they want as well as win more than once in the same day.

MostBet is not only a much needed reprieve from daily stress and fuss. Here you have every chance to hit a big score. Sure, it’s not millions of dollars but even a dollar bet can result in a 2, 3 or even 5 thousand prize.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
I am Patrick Mahomes. I have worked in the gambling industry for 4 years. For a long time I went in for sports professionally, so I know everything about these two areas. I'll tell you what I know about sports betting and the best bookmaker today - MostBet.

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