Meet Spribe Aviator – the bestseller of the gambling market now in MostBet’s online casino

Despite the thousands of different slot machine variations, there have been no high-profile novelties on the gambling market for a long time. New slot machines basically just copy off older models. Non-traditional formats, for example, “thimbles”, “miner”, “more-less” don’t provide the adrenaline rush and sweeping emotions people go to the casino for.

Aviator is a bestselling gambling mini-game
Aviator is a bestselling gambling mini-game

Scribe’s Aviator has become a true revolution. New, unusual gameplay, a completely different format and the main feature – the ability to play as a team. This new machine appeared a little over a year ago. During this time it managed to win over the love of players and receive positive feedback from critics. Now it is MostBet – a new generation of entertainment, where winning is so easy that some sites have called the Aviator a bonus game. How does it attract players?

How does it work?

The first impression is a little shocking. There have been similar mini-games before. But this is a radically different approach, not at all what gamblers are used to. The laconic gameplay against the background of colorful slots is a bit surprising. You think “isn’t this a step back” but only until you click the big “Bet” button.

The game is addictive, just sucks the player in from the very first second. Perhaps the main charm is in its simplicity. Just you and the numbers that magically change, increasing your potential winnings.

The game is specially designed so as not to distract the player with unnecessary animation and overloaded elements. Focus completely on strategy and potential victory, all conditions have been created specifically for this. The main screen is where we see how a small airplane gradually rises up, increasing the multiplier of your bet, and with it the possible winnings. This simple animation can be completely disabled, then only the multiplier itself remains, which changes on a black screen.

Aviator - simple yet stylish and comfortable gameplay
Aviator – simple yet stylish and comfortable gameplay

The game control panel is located under the screen. The largest button is the main control. One button to place a bet or cancel it, withdraw money. Depending on the situation, it changes color: Bet – green, Cancel – red, Withdraw winnings – yellow. There are additional settings:

  • a field for entering the bet: you can enter it from the keyboard or change it by clicking “+” or “-”;
  • “Bet/Auto” switch;
  • after activating the “Auto” mode, two additional switches appear: “Auto Bet”, “Auto Cashout” near the latter there is a field for entering a multiplier, at which the winnings get automatically withdrawn.

Above the main game screen there’s a field with about 12-13 previous multipliers. By clicking the “clock” symbol you can expand the history tab and see your past 60 rounds.

Even a child of 2-4 years old can figure out this game. But adults are just as interested in playing it as young children.

On the sides we see two more additional fields. To the left of the game screen, the bets of all players in the current round are displayed (you can switch this tab to show the history of your bets), to the right – the game chat. This is a collective game in which dozens or hundreds of gamblers participate at the same time. You can actively discuss your results with them. A social multiplayer game is a feature that many gamblers are eager to participate in.

The app is optimized to work on devices with different screen sizes. It displays all the information content correctly regardless of platform and is convenient to use both when playing from a smartphone and from a PC.

Aviator has been adapted for different screens
Aviator has been adapted for different screens

How to play, strategies

The game mechanics of Aviator are extremely simple. Go into the app, choose an amount and place a bet. Wait for a new round and watch the airplane take off. Wait for a suitable moment, when you think the sum is good enough – withdraw your winnings. If the plane flies away before you press the “Cash out” button, then the casino gets your bet. The minimum bet is 10 euro cents. The maximum – 100 euros.

Despite the simplistic visuals the gameplay is anything but. Aviator is like chess – the black and white board is just a field for complex multi-move combinations and intricate strategies. Only the most persistent win here. People with a backbone and an effective strategy.

“Push greed aside and withdraw small amounts. Full proof strategy.” This is probably what every newcomer who has just got into the game thinks. But it’s not that simple. Even an auto-withdrawal of 1.01 can result in losses (you’ll need 100 wins to cover 1 loss). So how do you win?

In Aviator both x1 multipliers and much larger ones (x80 and even x100) can drop
In Aviator both x1 multipliers and much larger ones (x80 and even x100) can drop

The beauty of Scribe's Aviator is the enormous multiplier. The largest possible one is 1,000,000. Yes, it happens rarely, but x20, x40 or even x80 multipliers appear regularly. You just need to catch it and it’s not that difficult.

In Aviator the control panel consists of two parts, which lets you place one or two bets in one go. This greatly expands the possibilities when developing game strategies. There are a lot of possibilities to consider when planning.

The most popular (and profitable) strategy is autoplay for two bets at once with the first bet being twice as big as the second. Set auto Cash out at x1.5 – this is our safe option (an alternative option – the first bet is 3 times larger and the auto Cash out at 1.34). Place the second bet for a profit. We can single out three variations:

  • set the auto Cash out for the second bet around x3-x4. If the bet is successful – double the original amount (if it’s more than x1.5, we don’t lose anything). This strategy can be combined with martingale – if you lose, double the bets;
  • the first bet is a safe one, the second around х6-х9. With this strategy, in case of victory, increase the bet by three or four times. To not go into the red just make sure that the ratio of outcomes when both bets flopped (sometimes multipliers less than x1.5 drop) to situations when both were correct was no more than 3-4 to 1.
  • for the second bet put the auto Cash out at x50 and higher. Such a multiplier drops rarely (we’ll get like 3-4 wins out of 100 games. x80 and higher: 1-2 wins per 100 rounds).

Which strategy should you choose? There is one more secret here. The game’s rate of return is 97%. For the machine to give out winnings to gamblers it needs a reserve. Considering that this is a collective game, the algorithm adapts to the current situation, or rather to the size of the bets (the total pot size) of the players.

No cheating. The algorithm does not play specifically against you or any other player. But if the slot machine has a small reserve, and many players all in, Aviator will issue a series of small multipliers (less than x1.5, sometimes even x1), which will alternate with jackpots of x80, x100 and more.

If most of the players bet small amounts, the machine lets you win more often. As a result, we’ll see a series of x3-x7 multipliers with an occasional x10-x30. This is not an ironclad rule, the game is controlled by a random number generator after all. If the machine has plenty of reserves, even large bets won’t stop it from dropping a big multiplier.

Always remember that the return rate is 97%. This is an excellent indicator, but it is less than one hundred, since the casino won’t operate at a loss. Basically, this is a competition between gamblers, and the machine only charges a small commission.

Do some calculations before choosing a multiplier. Look at how many bets there are that are lower than x1.5 (or 1.34) and compare that number with the number of winning bets. What you are looking for is for the ratio of losing and winning bets (ones where we don’t win or lose anything don’t count) to be slightly above zero.

It is not difficult to calculate the expected ratio using the formula: (auto withdrawal multiplier / 3 + 1) -0.01.

For instance. We have set the auto withdrawal ratio at x4.5. Now let’s do the math – 4,5/3+1-0,01=2,44. For our strategy to be profitable, all we need is for the number of losing bets to be no more than 2.44 per bet that won. You don't have to spend money to test out your strategy. Aviator has a demo mode.

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