Cashback from MostBet casino – there is always a chance to bounce back

Is it hard to put up with every loss? Luck can leave you at the worst possible moment. But in MostBet online casino that isn’t an issue, with cashback of up to 10% there is always an opportunity to retrieve your losses. Spin the slots, let the roulette ride, place bets in rooms with live dealers, no matter how much is lost, part of the money will be returned to your account.

Cashback from MostBet - there is always a second chance
Cashback from MostBet – there is always a second chance

Cashback from MostBet – it’s easy!

Players of both land-based gambling establishments and online casinos have long been accustomed to different bonuses and goodies. A deposit gift for playing over the Internet, free coffee and other drinks in gambling clubs… But such establishments never gave you a chance to get back in the game after a loss. This was the case before the advent of MostBet online casino. Dozens of various promotions, bonuses and the main surprise – cashback from the money you leave in the casino.

The online casino returns a part of the amount you lost playing slot machines or table-top games. This also includes bets made in the Live-casino section, where you can play not only with the dealer, but also compete with other players in poker, blackjack or baccarat.

How to get cashback? No special conditions. You don’t need to go completely broke or have a VIP status. ВIn MostBet, the bonus is available for beginners. Register, play. If Lady Luck turns away from you, part of the lost amount will be returned to your account. And if she doesn’t, then rejoice and enjoy your winnings.

To get cashback, you just need to lose a certain amount, a small one:

  • $50 – 5% will be returned;
  • $250 – 7% cashback
  • $1,000 – 10% refund.
Cashback levels
Cashback levels

Money is credited to your bonus balance once a week – on Mondays at 3:00 (UTC+3 time). After that, it can be used for bets or you can roll it over and withdraw it to your main wallet.

Note! You get cashback only from lost bets made from the main balance. There is no refund for bonus funds.

The bonus is calculated from the amount lost from 00:01 Monday to 23:59 Sunday.

What else do you need to know?

Before using cashback, you need to remember a few rules:

  • you can use the money from your bonus account to place bets only after your main balance hits zero;
  • cashback can be transferred to your main account and withdrawn, but for this you need to wager it;
  • if you have cashback activated on your bonus account and make a request to withdraw money at this time, the bonus will be debited.

Like other bonuses, the accrued cashback needs to be wagered, but the wager is nominal – only X3. While the winnings that you receive from bonus bets can be withdrawn within X10 of the bonus amount. You are given 72 hours to wager the bonus from the moment it is activated.

Cashback is credited from the money lost in the Casino slot machine section
Cashback is credited from the money lost in the Casino slot machine section, the Live casino, Live games and bets in the virtual sports section

You played all week but didn’t get any cashback? This is possible, but only if the balance remained positive over the previous week. Yes, in slots it is simply impossible for all bets to be winning. But it takes into account the overall game balance. If it is positive, there is no cashback.

Another question that worries many players: does cashback depend on my status in the loyalty program? The bonus is available to all players, including newly registered ones. The refund percentage depends only on the amount you lost.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
I am Patrick Mahomes. I have worked in the gambling industry for 4 years. For a long time I went in for sports professionally, so I know everything about these two areas. I'll tell you what I know about sports betting and the best bookmaker today - MostBet.

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    I was wagered ×10 cashback bonus within 72 hours. After 72 hours nothing bonus have no in my bonus account. And then i ask to admin in mostbet service. They told me cashback is wagered only with the real balance. It means need to make deposit real money to my main account. Then my wining bonus are lost.

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