Cashout at MostBet: if you are not sure of the result, you do not have to risk it

The bet has already been placed, but additional facts have emerged that can radically change the course of the event? With MostBet you don’t need to lose money because a key player decided to party all night at a club or injured themself when stretching. The Cashout option will help not only save your money but also get you more of it. You can use it before or during the event. What is this promotion, are there any pitfalls or secret conditions?

MostBet’s cashout option
MostBet’s cashout option

Cashing out – a new level of development of the betting market

Bookmakers are reluctant to refund already made bets. Only a few companies are willing to do that. But even those that do put forward a lot of extra conditions, for example, you can cashout only if the event starts in several hours or days. But most bets are made literally a few minutes before the match, live bets are popular …

Before a careless mouse click or a hasty decision almost always meant a loss of money. But not in MostBet, where you can avoid material losses and even make money by cashing out ahead of schedule if the event is successful. No stressful rechecking. Just enjoy the game. If something goes wrong, you can always redeem the bet and save some of the money you invested. How does it work, are there any hidden conditions?

The “Cashout” option is an opportunity to change the terms of the bet. It’s available until the event ends. Usually, the option gets disabled 3-10 minutes before the normal time ends (it all depends of the type of sport and length of the match). Don’t confuse this option with canceling a bet. Cashing out implies a certain payment.

For example, you made a bet on a total of 2.5, but want to change the conditions just before the start because you saw that the main shooters won’t be playing today and the team’s focus will be on defense. Before the event starts the cashout cost is a few percent of the bet, you will pay $5-10 out of a hundred. If you cash out 10 minutes before the end of the match with the score being 0:0, the cost will be higher, it can reach 60-90% (though usually, it’s 45-55% even a few minutes before the end of the match). Seems like a lot, but without this option you stand to lose everything.

Cashout - how does it work?
Cashout – how does it work?

But the main beauty of MostBet’s cashout option is that you don't necessarily lose money. If during the match the stars align in your favor, for example, one of the teams has more points, then the bet will be recalculated at the current odds.

Here's an example. A bet worth $100 was placed in Prematch mode on an event with a coefficient of 1.8, but when the game started, the team you bet on started winning and the coefficient slid down to 1.5. You cashout at the current odds without having to wait for the event to end. A commision will be charged, instead of $150 you’ll get $135.

Do you think it wiser to wait until the match is over and get all the winnings, $180, without a commission? Not necessarily, the course of the game can change dramatically in a single moment. This is true for boxing, where one missed hit will make all previous victories null and void. Comebacks often take place in the last seconds of added time in football and basketball matches. In cricket, matches sometimes last for several days, one team wins today, tomorrow another might take the lead.

Cashing out, unless one opponent has an obvious edge over the other, allows you to not only save you money, but even increase your funds.

Main conditions

The Cashout promotion is held indefinitely. All registered users have access to it.

When and how to cashout
When and how to cashout

You can cashout a bet before or during an event. This option is available for ordinary and express bets made in Prematch and Live modes. The option may be unavailable for technical reasons, for example, when it is not possible to broadcast the match. Usually, the option stops being available a few minutes before the end of the event’s main time.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
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