Invite a friend to MostBet and get up to 40% for life

Looking for an additional source of income? Losing a lot of money on flopped bets? Invite friends, casual acquaintances or strangers to the MostBet website and get a lifetime commission for each attracted user. No special conditions: register at, fill out your profile, get a referral link and send it to your friends in any convenient way. Any activity is taken into account – both in the online casino and in the sports betting section.

Affiliate program: invite a friend and get up to 40% of the bookmaker's commission
Affiliate program: invite a friend and get up to 40% of the bookmaker's commission

MostBet affiliate program – make money without any risks

The affiliate program is one of the tools for attracting new users. Instead of spending millions on advertising, the company pays for the results: per registered user, deposit, placed order. A partner who advertises the services of an advertiser and attracts new customers receives a flat commission or a percentage of the profit.

Bookmakers and online casinos actively use affiliate programs for promotion. But in most cases, only an experienced webmaster with a successful website can become a partner. The road is closed for ordinary users.

MostBet has taken a different path and allows everyone to make money not only on knowledge of sports, but also on the ability to communicate and attract friends. Every registered user can become a partner. There are only two conditions:

  • A filled out profile (contact and personal info);
  • at least one deposit for any amount (the smallest possible one is $2).

You don't have to have your own website, or even a social media group. Send referral links via social networks, instant messengers, SMS text messages. Hell, you can write it down on a piece of paper and send it in a glass bottle – the main thing is that the invited player correctly enter the specified link.

Benefits of the MostBet affiliate program
Benefits of the MostBet affiliate program

The partner gets an easy-to-use account where they can keep track of the earned profits. You can develop promotional materials yourself or use ready-made ones. MostBet has developed colorful banners and widgets. There are training materials that will help you attract players more efficiently.

How does it work and how much can you earn

It's easy to become a partner and start monetizing your gambling traffic. After registering on the subdomain, you will get a personal account. It includes all the tools you’ll need: affiliate link, promotional materials, statistics. Post banners on your blog or send a referral link to a friend. When a user signs up and starts playing, you will make a profit.

The MostBet affiliate program has two payment options:

  • A fixed amount for deposits up to $75. The exact payment size depends on the country from which the user is from (or more accurately from which he registered), and the size of the deposit they made;
  • RevShare is an option when the company pays up to 40% of the profit that it receives from the attracted player.
Features of the affiliate program
Features of the affiliate program

Before making a choice, it is important to consider from what amount the percentage will be taken. Not from the deposit size, but from the bookmaker's commission. For example, for the sports bets section, the commission is from 3 to 12%, depending on the type of sport.

In the online casino the commission depends on the specific slot-machine, usually it’s from 3 to 10% (most slots have a return in the range of 92-97%, which means that the casino will earn 3-8%). At first glance, the Revenue Share option doesn’t seem as attractive as the flat payments. For example, if a gambler places a $100 bet, with the bookmaker's commission being 6% (for most football matches), the partner will receive $2.4. But it's important to remember that the payment is for life. If you manage to attract a player, you will get a decent passive income.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
I am Patrick Mahomes. I have worked in the gambling industry for 4 years. For a long time I went in for sports professionally, so I know everything about these two areas. I'll tell you what I know about sports betting and the best bookmaker today - MostBet.

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