MostBet express booster – how to make more money on low odds betting

Do you want to increase your potential winnings when betting on sports? You can raise the size of the bet or place an express bet. With MostBet collecting accumulators is as lucrative as ever – any coupon with at least 3 events get an express booster power-up. The more events in your coupon, the higher the multiplier. The promotion is available to all registered users on and its mirror sites.

Express booster: how does it work?

In a situation where the advantage of one team over another is obvious and the probability of an event tends to infinity, bookmakers set the lowest possible odds. With the chances for victory high, the size of the potential profit is quite low, it can be 1.1 or even lower. But you don't have to increase the size of your bet to earn more. Express bets are an excellent opportunity to increase your winnings.

An accumulator or an express bet is a bet made simultaneously on several unrelated events. To place an express bet you just need to mark the odds, just like when you place a single bet. When several outcomes are selected, the bet will automatically transform into an express one.

You can bet on different aspects of the same event in one coupon (bet on the victor, on a total, on the goal scorer), on different events in the same tournament or even on different types of sport, like boxing, basketball and motorcycle racing. In this case, the coefficients of all events are multiplied with each other when the potential winnings are calculated. But in order to win, you need to guess all the outcomes correctly, otherwise the bet will flop.

MostBet express booster
MostBet express booster

An example of a coupon with an express booster. Only three events in the Accumulator meet the conditions of the Promotion (the coefficient is higher than 1.2), therefore the booster is 1.01

A coupon can consist of two events or twenty or more – there is no maximum limit. But it is important to remember that express bets with too many events (from 10 and up) almost never win, even if all the outcomes on the list seem to be one hundred percent predictable. The favorites sometimes lose, even get wrecked, even when playing at home. It could happen to Real Madrid, Barcelona and to the Brazilian national team…

It’s wiser to place express bets with 3 or more events. You get a high chance of winning. At the same time, you can count on a decent reward even if you place bets on events with odds less than 1.3. And MostBet will help you further increase your potential winnings.

MostBet gives an additional bonus for accumulators consisting of at least 3 events with a coefficient of 1.2. How to use the express booster? No additional requirements, it is activated automatically as soon as the express bet meets the conditions of the promotion. All registered players, including new ones, can use it to bet on any type of sport.

What is the size of the multiplier and what does it depend on?

Every time you place an express bet at MostBet, you receive from 1 to 10% on top of your potential reward. The express booster works for bets made in Prematch and Live modes. The size of the additional multiplier directly depends on the number of events in the coupon.

The terms of the promotion
The terms of the promotion

Here’s how it works:

Express Booster = 1 + 0.01 * (N-2), where N is the number of events added to the coupon. The minimum booster size is 1.01. The maximum is 1.1.

For example, there are four events in a coupon with odds of 1.8; 1.25; 1.2 and 1.7. The booster coefficient – 1 + 0.01 * (4-2) = 1.02. At MostBet, the coupon’s coefficient will be increased from 4.59 to 4.68 (4.59 * 1.02 = 4.6818).

If we bet $100, the potential winnings with the booster will be $468.18, without the booster – $459.

Please note! The express booster bonus doesn’t count for the sake of first deposit bonus turnover!

Express bets: how to win

Sports betting is, first of all, an opportunity to get more emotions from watching sporting events. But the desire to win and make money using your sports know-how is also relevant.

To increase your chances of winning when composing express bets, bet on sports and events that you are well versed in and can more or less predict the outcomes of which. Professional bettors recommend including 3-4 events in your express bets. Out of them, two are the main ones, for example, a bet on your favorite team or athlete. While the third one is an additional one which increases the potential size of the win. This should be an event with a high probability of winning, odds 1.2-1.3, no more.

There are several effective strategies:

  • “Safe express” – include 4-5 events in your express bet, with the coefficient of each not exceeding 1.3. For example, if the odds are 1.2, five bets will give a total odds of 2.49. An additional 1.03 multiplier from MostBet will increase it to 2.56;
  • “Smart express” – choose 3 events for your express with one of them taking place later than the first two. Wait, if you guessed the first two matches correctly, bet on the opposite result of the last match (usually, the odds will be high, more than 2).
  • “S8 System” – choose 8 events and make up 8 3-event express bets (each event needs to be in each express bet). With this strategy, to get a win, it is enough to guess 6 outcomes out of 8. If you guess 5 outcomes correctly you won’t win or lose anything or will lose a meager amount.

The last tip – when drawing up express bets, it is important to remember that it is not always possible to be 100% sure of the outcome. But with MostBet there is more room for maneuver and the potential winnings are higher.

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes
I am Patrick Mahomes. I have worked in the gambling industry for 4 years. For a long time I went in for sports professionally, so I know everything about these two areas. I'll tell you what I know about sports betting and the best bookmaker today - MostBet.

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    If one team wins and another match was No result in express bet what are the results of winning

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    In express bet one match is win by odds 2.5 and another match was abounded what is the result for outcome
    Winning odds -2.5
    Abounded odds -2.1
    If there is any outcome on my betting amount or all amount will be refund ?

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