The MostBet loyalty program – how to bet on sports with even more results

Sports betting is a popular way to get more emotions out of sports events. With huge bonuses and loyalty programs, online betting also allows you to make good money, even if not all your bets win. MostBet organizes amazing promotions. High odds, express boosters, cashback from lost bets… How do I use them, how do I squeeze out the most profit? The answers are all below.

Loyalty program privileges: increased cashback, personal promotions, exclusive gifts
Loyalty program privileges: increased cashback, personal promotions, exclusive gifts

MostBet’s loyalty program – a multi-level system of privileges

MostBet is no novice bookmaker. The company has been operating since 2009 and accepts bets only via the Internet. But that is the best part. No geo-referencing, sports bets are available for betters from all over the world and on any sports and sometimes non-sports event. Operating only online allows us to reduce costs and offer better terms.

A great line of events, low service fees, a wide variety of bets – this is just one of the many advantages of the company. MostBet has carefully designed the system of promotions, discounts, and offers the best loyalty program. On the one hand, this is all a marketing ploy that is aimed at attracting new players and motivating already registered users. But what does the ordinary gambler gain from all this?

The MostBet loyalty program is a multi-level reward system available to all players. How do you use it? There are no special conditions. Register, make a deposit, place bets, perform simple tasks – top up your account, place express bets, fill out your profile. For each completed task you get MostBet coins. This is a local currency that can be exchanged for bonus dollars.

Note! The loyalty program is available only on the international site of the MostBet bookmaker's office – There are no promotions on the localized version for the Russian Federation (in the .ru domain zone).

You can also get MostBet coins even without performing tasks. They will be credited in the form of a cashback for each lost bet or each deposit. How many coins can you get? It works according to a progressive deduction system. The higher the deposit amount or coupon coefficient, the higher the rate. For each $10 you deposit you get from 5 to 12 coins.

Scale of crediting coins for a deposit
Scale of crediting coins for a deposit

Cashback from lost bets is determined by the formula:

[bet size] * [multiplier] * [rate].

The multiplier depends on the coefficient of the lost bet: from 0.06 to 0.1. The exchange rate is an internal coefficient used for converting coins that depends on the account’s currency. You can check it on the MostBet Loyalty Program page. For dollars and euros, the exchange rate is 50.

The formula for calculating the amount of MostBet coins
The formula for calculating the amount of MostBet coins gained from lost bets, the size of the multiplier and the exchange rate for some currencies

You can exchange the MostBet coins in your account immediately after getting them or you can wait until a large amount is accumulated on your internal account, which will improve your status in the program. After conversion, the money is credited to your bonus account, you can immediately use it for betting. The higher your status in the loyalty program, the better the exchange rate. A rookie will get one dollar for 600 coins. A legend needs only 120.

Mostbet’s loyalty program has 10 levels
Mostbet’s loyalty program has 10 levels, the higher the status, the more gifts you get and the better the exchange rate is

Question of the day: How do I upgrade my status? By performing tasks. There is nothing extraordinary here. Usual actions that an active player is likely to perform anyway, even without specific instructions from the bookmaker. For example, to reach level 2 you need to: make a deposit of at least $10, place a bet in pre-game mode, place a bet in live mode, place an express bet consisting of at least 3 events, place five bets with a coupon coefficient. The minimum outcome coefficient is 1.5.

There’s 10 levels in total. When you gain a new one, your tasks get updated and become more difficult. The odds and the minimum bet get bigger. But you also get additional privileges, too: the coin exchange rate gets better, you receive free bets. Also, there’s no time limit for completing the tasks. You can stretch them out for days or months.The level is not dependent on the bettor’s current activity, it is assigned to the user indefinitely. You can view the list of tasks in your account.

You can view your current tasks and your status in the MostBet loyalty program
You can view your current tasks and your status in the MostBet loyalty program in your account in the “Your status” tab
Note! The MostBet coins you earn for sports bets can be exchanged for bonuses in the online casino. And vice versa – you can exchange the coins obtained in the casino section for bonus dollars to bet on sports. A single internal account for coins and two bonus accounts are used: one for sports bets and one for the casino.

What you need to know about the MostBet loyalty program: basic provisions

Finally, let's quickly go over the basic rules. Here are the key points:

  • you get MostBet coins only for lost bets made with actual money from your main balance and as long as no promotions were used. If you used a free bet, a promo code, bonus money, insured your bet and the bet flops, you do not receive any coins;
  • the received coins do not have to be immediately exchanged for bonuses, you can save them for as long as you like;
  • you can exchange coins for dollars only if you have enough coins to place the minimum bet;
  • after crediting, the bonuses can be used to place bets or transferred to your main balance – for this they need to be rolled over as a wager.

What is a wager and how do you roll over a bonus? Most beginners ask this question. It’s simple. A wager is the turnover rate. For example, the bonus received after exchanging coins must be wagered with a X5 turnover. This means that you need to place bets for an amount 5 times more than the received bonus.

You have 7 days to roll over the bonus, you can use funds from both the main and bonus balances. You need place specifically express bets with at least 3 events having odds of at least 1.4. You can have as many events in your coupon as you want.

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Patrick Mahomes
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